Granting Guidelines

Granting Guidelines for Funding

The Temagami Community Foundation is a registered charitable organization. It invests funds entrusted to it and makes grants from the income earned. Grants can only be made for charitable purposes, primarily:

  • Environmental awareness and stewardship
  • Community arts and culture
  • First Nations
  • Sustainable community economic development programs

Grants are made to registered charities or, in certain cases, to applicants sponsored by a qualified donee (a registered charity, a municipality, a qualified First Nation community, etc).

The Temagami Community Foundation normally funds projects that:

  • Meet an obvious community need within the Foundation’s mission
  • Promote community discussion and dialogue
  • Foster shared responsibility and common well being
  • Involve volunteers
  • Create excitement in the community

Projects may include a request for administration costs necessary to carry out the project, and may receive grants from other funders.

The Temagami Community Foundation will not fund:

  • Individuals for personal support
  • Capital campaigns
  • Operating deficits
  • Political or religious activities
  • Fundraising dinners or event sponsorship

To Apply

Please complete the Application Form, attaching relevant materials. Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have regarding eligibility or the application process.

Application Deadline

Please send your grant application to

Thank you for applying.