Grants at Work

Our Recent Grantees

This year we are proud to be able to support these projects that represent the diversity of our community. Thank you to the community of Temagami for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your cultures, heritage, arts, and grass root projects.

Funds were disbursed from the TCF General Fund and from our 2019 Truck ‘N Boat Draw revenue.

Past Grantees

Temagami Elders Portrait Project
A project of the Municipality of Temagami and Photographer Gerry Gooderham

The Temagami Elders Portrait Project began in 2008 with a small grant given to organize, collect and take black and white photographs of our elders and seniors. These photographs were then framed and displayed in many areas in the community. The photographs taken were absolutely beautiful. We have once again awarded a small grant to continue the works of collecting our heritage and history.

Art Camp
Temagami Community Foundation’s Signature Project

Our Art Camp is an annual event that is held each summer for one week. It introduces our young community residents to each other. The young people that attend come away with not only art projects, but a knowledge of others’ ways of life and cultures. For the last couple of years, we have held camp on Bear Island, and the hospitality and generosity of the island is very much appreciated by all. The camp fills up quickly — there was a waiting list on day two of enrollment this year! Many thanks to all of the volunteers that make this special camp a reality year after year, and to Bettina Schuller, who has headed up the camp since its inception.

Nastawagan Trails Inc.
The Nastawgan Trails was incorporated in 2000 to plan, establish, maintain and promote a year-round non-motorized trail network. Combined with 2400 kms of interconnected canoe routes, these trails help make the Temagami/Temiskaming area a world-class recreation destination. In 2008, the Foundation supported a project to create a trail forming a loop between Grand Campment Bay and Nagle Bay on the Lake Temiskaming shoreline. This loop trail is accessed at the end of the Rabbit Lake Road. The project saw completion in the summer of 2010. Congratulations for the years of hard work and determination!

Temagami Public Library’s Local History Project
Shelley Rowland is heading up the Local History Project at the Temagami Public Library. The library houses collections of photo albums, loose photos, newspaper clippings, notebooks, records and various other materials. Temagami has a vast history and many of the archives have not been accessible to those who are interested in viewing them. This project will allow the library to organize, identify, catalogue and properly store these archives in a manner that will enable the public to view them. With this project, we will all be able to share in our community’s history. We also feel this project will go along quite nicely with the elders Portrait Project. 

Previous Year’s Grant Recipients

  • Angele ProjectSustainable Forestry License
  • Arts Camp
  • Chamber of Commerce Temagami
  • Early Years Program (Temagami Family Residential program)
  • Laura McKenzie Learning Center
  • Marten River Interdenominational Chapel
  • Nastawgan Trails
  • North Bay Professional Paramedic Association
  • Project CANOE
  • Red Sky Performance (Raven Stole the Sun)
  • Sustainable Forestry License
  • Temagami Area Fish Involvement Program
  • Temagami Artistic Collective (Deepwaters Music Concert & Community Initiative)
  • Temagami Arts, Culture & Heritage Committee (A Different World Project)
  • Temagami Co-op (Bring Your Own Bag Project)
  • Temagami Elders Portrait Project
  • Temagami Legion (Washroom Installation)
  • Temagmai Lions Club
  • Temagami Public School
  • Temagami Train Station Restoration Trust
  • Temagami Stewardship Council
  • Temagami Wind Farm Cooperative Development Project
  • Temagami Women’s Narrative
  • TFN Back on Our Traditional Lands Project
  • Ma Kominising Historical Cultural Preservation Society
  • TFN Pow Wow
  • TFN Elder Support Group

Lorne Pacey Young Volunteers Award 

The Lorne Pacey Young Volunteers Aweard was instituted in 2006 to recognize youth that volunteer in their community. Mr. Pacey (1915-2007) was a founding TCF board member who proposed the award because he felt that it was important to inspire youth to continue their education and volunteer efforts in the community. It is fitting that the award is named after a person who himself contributed so much to the Foundation and to the Temagami community during his lifetime.

Each year, names of students worthy of this recognition are put forward by teachers, counselors, or anyone in a position to oversee or receive the services of these students. Nominators provide a description of the services the student provides and the number of hours the student has committed to work. Awards are available to Temagami and Bear Island students doing volunteer work in any location, as well as to students who volunteer in Temagami but reside elsewhere.

The Temagami Community Foundation hopes that this program of recognition will elevate children’s sense of worth as they choose to volunteer their time and talents in service to others. These awards will provide a great opportunity to celebrate service to, and pride in, our community.

Members of the Grants Committee evaluate the nominations and make the following awards:[table id=2 /]

The TCF may make more than one award at a particular level when there are equally qualified candidates or may withhold an award when there are no qualified candidates. Applications are accepted by the 30th of May, and awards will be made at the end of June each year.

Award winners are announced in the Temagami Talker, and the Temagami Times.
For more information please contact our office.

Download a copy of our nomination form: Lorne Pacey NominationForm.pdf

Grant Evaluation Form

Download a copy of our Grant Evaluation for your submission: Grant Evaluation Form.pdf